Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mondo Mariscal + Coffee = Heaven

Please take a moment now and write down this name: Mondo Mariscal

Better yet, open another tab in your browser and go to this Facebook page and like it, immediately. That is Mondo's music page and it is where you can see his live music line up, read about some pretty awesome musicians, learn how he makes the world a better place by connecting people through music and you get to see the beautiful family he dotes on and read how they encourage him to continue taking the music world by storm. Mondo Mariscal. You won't be disappointed.

As a mom with two kids married to a handsome and busy husband that works well over 50 hours a week + squeezes in time for his band (Kind of Blue) I don't get out much. BUT WHEN I DO I am pretty selective. I want to go places that I know will :fill my cup: literally and spiritually. I love to laugh, smile, be surrounded by artisty, be treated with and dole out kindness, and... coffee. Coffee is always a sweet bonus.

A week ago I had the pleasure of "girls night out" with my bio and bonus daughter. I knew just where I could take them that particular evening. Mondo (always a good choice) would be playing at a coffee house in Lodi (COFFEE!).

"Get in the car, girls!"

I followed the Maps app directions that was a quick click from Mondo's Facebook page and prepared my heart for some good times. I wasn't sure where I was going, just had the address and a name. School Grounds Coffee & Gelato Bar - on School Street.

115 South School Street, Lodi
This has turned in to a "favorite" address on my Maps app. So CUTE! So beautifully decorated, excellent latte's (Sugar Free Hazelnut, please), smiling baristas and customers... and incredible, local, live music entertainment. Mondo had the crowd laughing, singing, chair dancing, smiling, and feeling rather special as he made his way around the crowd on a break to learn names and take "usies" with people. It was like hanging out in Mondo's living room with all his friends that somehow become your friends, too and -- my cup was filled.

Bottom line, what I share with all of you are these two things.
  • You can't go wrong if you head somewhere to see Mondo - cause... MONDO! 
  • You can't go wrong if you go to School Grounds Coffee & Gelato Bar - cause...AWESOME!

I do confess, that the evening couldn't have been bad even if I had just taken the girls to the laundromat - cause...Harmony.

Harmony is my bonus daughter. My beautiful, kind, smart, steady, strong, little but fierce bonus daughter. Harmony has a pulmonary disease called Cystic Fibrosis (you can learn about it with a click). Her CF raged up the end of last year, with a vengeance! While I could write a book about it, I will sum it up to say, we almost lost Harmony at Christmas. Almost. Closer than I like to admit or think about it. Her lungs quit. They were tired, diseased, and done.

Thankfully Harmony and her team (TEAMHARMONY) did just what was needed and we got her from UCD to Stanford and on the top of the transplant list. On December 17th she received two beautiful lungs from her donor (Please, consider being a donor -- make it legal and known). The doctors lost her on the table, but she persevered, and so did the surgeons. December 17th. On January 30th I was at School Grounds Coffee listening to Mondo, surrounded by instant friends and kindness, sipping a latte - with My Harmony and my daughter Sarah. I think my cup was actually full when I said "Get in the car, girls" but now my cup runneth over.

I did pretty good until Mondo's sincere, smooth, purposeful voice sung confidently and perfectly Rachel Platten's Fight Song. That was when my tears runneth over. And it was perfect.

Thank you, Mondo. Thank you, School Grounds Coffee & Gelato Bar!

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If you visit these pages, comment and tell them "mom" sent you. Not because I get anything, but because it makes me laugh to see the comment -- and laughing is good for us.

These are the "girls". I love them to the moon and back. #teamharmony #donatelife #warrior.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



So excited to announce that we have THREE winners for the R5 Concert Tickets! Congratulations to Jackie, Gina and Tiffany for winning a pair of tickets EACH! I look forward to meeting each of you tonight at the concert and and soaking up the excitement that your daughters will surely be bringing!

Thank you for participating in the Mom About The Town Raffle! Check back in the next week for photographs from this event and to learn about upcoming events, news, fun!

For last minute ticket information contact the Stockton Live on Facebook
or call the Stockton Arena

R5 is composed of four siblings, Ross, Riker, Rocky and Rydel Lynch along with their friend Ellington “Ratliff”. If you and your kids are fans of the Disney Channel, they’re probably already fans of Ross Lynch, who currently stars as Austin Moon, on Austin & Ally, which started it's Season Finale just this last Sunday! Did any other moms' and dads' join me last Sunday at 8:00pm to watch the season opener? I may or may not have paid less attention to laundry and more attention to "the proposal", almost rivaling Sarah's intensity to the show.

But I digress! Ross Lynch is fabulous at being Austin Moon and surfer Brady from the Disney Channel Original Movies Teen Beach 1 and 2, but he is ALSO fabulous as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of R5!

R5 came together in 2009 and has rapidly emerged as an exciting new voice in the world of pop rock. For more information, please visit If you are interested in buying tickets, please visit!