Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best Date Night EV-AH!

Thank you Mom About the Town for inviting me to guest post! I chose to blog about the long lost notion of date nights. Bwhahhaha. Date Nights. Do I need remind you that I have a 1 year old and 6 year old?

But for the fun of it.. here is my random rambling of my ever evolving experience with Best Date Night's EV-AH!

When I was in high school the best date night always involved a Denny’s and about 9 of my friends, one of which was a guy that I liked because he had a nice rump and good hair. All through dinner, which consisted of two sides of fries and 5 sodas shared among 10 people, I would be on a high because he would hold my hand the whole time. Silly, but true.

Then, there is the post college date. Now, far beyond Denny’s, it would be 9 of my best friends, one of which was a guy that I liked because he had an okay rump, nice hair, and a good laugh, meeting up at a local bar for drinks, hors d'oeuvres (fancy garlic fries). What made it good was the time with everyone that would eventually be weeded down to the two of.. alone.. some hand holding and serious good kissing. Silly, but true.

Now, it’s the I got two kids, two jobs, and a million obligations date. Denny’s might not even be affordable. Dinner may not necessarily even be part of the event. The best date night now only has a few requirements: no whining, no tantrums, and no diaper changes.

Date nights. They are important. Not because of what you “do”, but what you “don’t” do. To have a night that doesn’t include making a bottle for my 1 year old or convincing my 6 year old that broccoli is good for her – is good – for me. Sad, but true.

However, that is not to say that I would be OPPOSED to being whisked away for dinner at a nice restaurant that didn’t start with D and end with enny’s. It would be great to sit next to the man I love that has a nice rump, good hair, a great laugh, and a smile that melts me inside out – even after being together for over 12 years. Maybe he will even hold my hand the whole time. Even better, maybe there would be some seriously good kissing. Silly, but true.

What was your latest BEST DATE NIGHT EV-AH? Please, tell me, so I can live vicariously through you. Really.

What are the best places in the San Joaquin Valley to go to on a date night?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Her Shoes

Guest Blog Post by: Susan Michener Spracher

Just thinking the word "shoes" gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and produces a mmm, hmm smile. It's amazing the joy they can bring; finding just the right pair to complete a 'rockin outfit or the way you feel when you put them on. Maybe it's the Cinderella story we all grew up slipper meets Prince Charming or the ruby red slippers the Wicked Witch covets that in turn get Dorothy home in the "Wizard of Oz." Ah, shoes...they have the power to transform!

My relationship with shoes has always been a little rocky. I have a wide foot, a high instep and a not so small size (8-1/2 to 9). Since I was a kid, it hasn't been easy finding shoes that fit comfortably. Two pregnancies made it harder. However my desire and drive to obtain cool shoes has sustained me, until now.

The current fashion trend of uber high heels has left me on the outside of the candy store looking in. I LOVE the look of today's platforms and stilettos but I just can't wear them. The average heel height today is six inches, that's double what I can manage. Not only do I lack the coordination for heels that high, I have a bad back. I'm also already tall. Me + cool stilettos = Amazon. So there I am with wobbly ankles looking like a giraffe. Not a good look. Three strikes and I'm out.

In doing some research it seems I'm not alone. As heels reaching epic heights, physicians are treating an increase in broken ankles, bunions, and inflamed nerves and ligaments. High heels throw your balance out of whack, and you compensate by adjusting your back, hips, and shoulders. Over time, bad posture will cause lower back pain, leg pain, and headaches. When women wear heels, it puts repetitive pressure and stress on the knee joint and may also be linked to knee osteoarthritis, a painful, degenerative joint disease.

That said, in a Gallup Poll, 37 percent of the women surveyed said they would continue to wear high heels, even though they did not think them comfortable. I guess one theory is, "it's better to look good than to feel good Dahling."

I thought perhaps I could "customize" shoes that were too high for me to wear. I consulted Cavagnaro's Shoe Repair (local experts in the field). I was told the most they recommend taking a heel down in 1/2 inch and the cost is nearly $20 (that's on top of the cost of the shoes). Not exactly the curative option I was hoping for!

So what's a girl to do; sit on the sidelines, benched in the fashion game or just "do it" -- no pain no gain?

What's your opinion about shoes -- flats or heels, favorite pair, new purchase. Tell us your shoe story below. Visit our Facebook page and post in our question survey "How High are Your Heels?" and share a picture of your favorite killer pair.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stylish Moms of Teething Babies

It's true, you can be the mom to a beautiful teething, drooling baby and still be gorgeous and stylish!

I know this because I found this unique necklace made of unfinished natural wood beads wrapped and knotted in beautiful fabric that can match your style!

Oh... pretty:

Aw... lovely:

Ashlee of TweetBabyDesigns on Etsy is the creator of these lovely necklaces. And I am in awe of how she finds the time to make them considering she is a stay at home mom to six homeschooled kiddos... I think her nickname should be Super Woman.

More about the necklaces...

The wood provides the perfect resistance and pressure to help babies cut their teeth and the fabric absorbs the fool that is inevitable at this teething stage.

The fabric is high quality, organic, designer, 100% cotton and the beads are unfinished wood. The necklace is 18" long with a ribbon attached is another 18 inches, which provides a lot of versatility for having the necklace hang at a length that is perfect for you, the baby, and wardrobe.

Totally one of the coolest baby jewelry accessories for any stylish mom!

Did you see this one:

This lovely TWEET BABY DESIGNS Etsy shop ROCKS! Check it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Moomp Photography is pleased to introduce a new element to the old business of photography... please welcome the new hit (dream big, right!) blog, Mom About the Town.

When I had an idea to blend my love of photography, passion for marketing, and a desire to help support local businesses, moms, and womanhood, I needed a place to do it and that's when the idea of Mom About the Town was born.  

And now.. here it is!

How this will (hopefully) work is from now until forever (crossing fingers!) we will meet you right here to chat about all the great businesses and people in the San Joaquin Valley. We have a list of people and places to feature, and let me tell you - they are pretty darn nifty! Some of them even want to give YOU, the readers, exclusive deals and goodies!

So, plan to add this blog to your favorites, pour a cup of hot, fresh coffee (or a cold refreshing diet coke, vitamin water, smoothie, tea) and spend a few minutes with the Mom About the Town, to hear stories of parenting, wife-ing, parent-ing, survive-ing and learn about the coolest places to shop, dine, visit, and enjoy right here in our very own San Joaquin Valley!  We're gonna be cool like that!