Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Moomp Photography is pleased to introduce a new element to the old business of photography... please welcome the new hit (dream big, right!) blog, Mom About the Town.

When I had an idea to blend my love of photography, passion for marketing, and a desire to help support local businesses, moms, and womanhood, I needed a place to do it and that's when the idea of Mom About the Town was born.  

And now.. here it is!

How this will (hopefully) work is from now until forever (crossing fingers!) we will meet you right here to chat about all the great businesses and people in the San Joaquin Valley. We have a list of people and places to feature, and let me tell you - they are pretty darn nifty! Some of them even want to give YOU, the readers, exclusive deals and goodies!

So, plan to add this blog to your favorites, pour a cup of hot, fresh coffee (or a cold refreshing diet coke, vitamin water, smoothie, tea) and spend a few minutes with the Mom About the Town, to hear stories of parenting, wife-ing, parent-ing, survive-ing and learn about the coolest places to shop, dine, visit, and enjoy right here in our very own San Joaquin Valley!  We're gonna be cool like that!

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Doc said...

Howdy to the Moms About the Town! Can't wait to watch this blog come alive!