Friday, December 9, 2011

Scarves. Beautiful Lovely Scarves.

Scarves are amazing.  They are one of my trendy clothing obsessions.  I think it's because they are a blend of cute, sexy, fun, fashionable... AND incredibly useful!  Kinda like a pink screwdriver.  The kind you use to do home improvements.. not the kind you drink (although...).

Let's face it, when it's 32° outside you would wrap just about anything around your neck to help keep the chill away.  Almost anything.  But thankfully we don't have to resort to just anything because great places like Theadora's, J.Jill, Ross and Target have a wide variety of fun, eclectic, stylish scarves at a variety of price points!  I think I own an embarrassing 8 scarves myself.  And that does not include the ones I may borrow from my daughter.  Some days just call for a pink sequined scarf?

But, now that I have scarves, lots of them, I admittedly get stuck with how to wear them.  I mean, there are a few basic ways:  wrap around and go, tie and go, but I want more. 

Well girlies (and boys?) I hit the mother-lode the other day and now, now I am a scarf wearing chick that is not afraid of weather in the 30°'s (please don't test me with anything below that).

Wanna know what I found?  I found THIS video.  Check it out and tell me, what is your favorite scarf wearing style?