Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knock Knock. Who is it? Me! Me Who?

Am I the only one that gets a little confused sometimes as to WHO I am?  Am I the mom that ensures her kids are growing up right and true? Am I the employee that has the report on the boss’s desk before the instructed deadline? Am I the wife that makes sure to love and appreciate the man I chose to marry?

The thing is I am all of these things at any given moment in my life.  I am the wife, the mom, the employee, the boss, the laundry’s mistress, and the slave to the toddler that insists on playing with the knobs on the stove.

What I forget, is that I am also me.  I am the woman that loves to spend time with herself reading, creating, soaking, primping, relaxing and being… me. 

And sometimes, I am sexy me.  Yeup.  Even though I have more jiggle and wiggle than I would like, even though I don’t have celebrity hair, even if I don’t put so much as a smudge of makeup on my face, I am sexy me.  And when I “do” spend time to replicate the lovely locks of Cindy Crawford, reinvent the sultry look of Beyonce’s makeup, or slip on a similar outfit as JLo (although a few sizes larger)… well, then I am “super” sexy me. 

It isn’t that I don’t like taking on so many different roles, I do.  I actually “enjoy” doing dishes (sometimes).  I thoroughly bask in the joy of being a mom (when the kids are behaving) and I have to say, I am a pretty good wife (except when I’m not).  And as far as employee-ship goes, according to my evaluations I am pretty good at that, too.  I love all these roles, and more… but I also love being the simple and true, first and foremost, me.

Without a solid foundation and investment in “me” I am pretty much worthless in every other role I sign-up (or am delegated) to be.

Those airline instructions for safety don’t just apply to the possibility of a horrific plane crash.  You know, the instructions that say to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting your children, husband, or fellow passengers with theirs. Same is true in life.  Invest in you.  Don’t assist everyone else under the moon to the detriment of self.

Take the time to feed your own heart, mind, body and soul.

I accomplish this by giving myself complete permission to steal a few seconds, minutes and hours when I can.
  • A drive to work becomes an opportunity for me to sing to my heart’s content.  Up goes the radio, down go my inhibitions, and out comes the singing diva I have been since I was 6.
  • A few extra moments in the shower and I pamper myself with a little extra smelly scrub and a special hair treatment using the “good stuff” I stashed behind the feminine products in the bathroom.
  • At night when the kids are (finally) asleep in bed, I make a cup of coffee and pull out a good book – and I read – and I dream – and I travel – and I live with my favorite character.
  • I call up a girlfriend and I make a date…a date to talk, listen, laugh, giggle, and occasionally cry.
  • I shop… and I release.  That’s right… I go to the store and I touch, stare, adore, and swoon over comforters, clothes, artwork, cameras, and even a set of All Clad 5d Cookware.  Some of them make it into the shopping cart.  Some of them “stay” in the shopping cart.

There is no right or wrong way to invest in me.  It doesn't matter "how" I do it, just that I do. Often.

Because I do want to be a good wife, mom, boss, employee, artist, and more… I need to be a good me.  I need to be a healthy me.  I come first.

In fact, as soon as I finish the dishes and put the laundry in the dryer – I think I’ll paint my toes.  With glitter-y polish and everything.

What do you do to make yourself healthy and strong? 

What do you do for you?


Dear Gina said...

So very important! Especially retail therapy...yep, i said it.
Also a fantastic audio book. I love having it read to me!
Creating....either in the kitchen or sewing room....ahhhh bliss

Denisa said...

You inspire me! :)