Monday, November 5, 2012

What Are Nipples

I thought and thought as to whether I should post this particular story, and after much consideration, I decided to go for it.  After all, it's nothing "bad", it's just life.  Life with kids.  Which is a very INTERESTING life.

I am also risking it all by putting Nipples in the title.  I can already imagine the hits this post is going to get.

But on with the story.

Yesterday my family was hanging out in the living room enjoying our usual calm-down time.  Dad was watching football (GO NINERS!), My 2 year old son was pushing his toy car along the edge of the couch (VROOOM!), I was working at the computer.  Sarah, my daughter (the girl that abhors subtraction) was spinning in a chair reading a book. 

Then, out of the blue, and so casually, Sarah turns to her dad and asks "What are nipples?"

I froze in my seat.  Fingers stopped typing, eyes no longer blinking.  FROZEN.  WAITING.
It seemed an eternity before my husband responded, "What?"

She asked again. He responded again, "What?" pretending to not hear her over the football game, buying time I am sure.

Me, I'm still frozen.  I am not at all bothered that she has asked the question, in fact, it's a good question, our bodies are pretty amazing and we have lots of different parts and pieces that beg some questions!

Then, my husband responded. "They are the bumps on your chest."  

Well of course they are the bumps on your chest!!! I would have been compelled to tell her the whole long gory story, but he went with simple and age appropriate, "Bumps on your chest".

Sarah was mostly content with the answer and started spinning in her chair again, reading her book.  Elijah was now pushing his toy car along the coffee table, Dad kept watching football, and I slowly began to unfreeze.  Slowly.

How is it that parenting can be so incredibly difficult and easy all at the same time? 

“Bumps on your chest.”  It’s that easy.  Today.

What crazy question have you been asked by your kiddos lately and how did you respond? 

And a fun book to check out from your local library... arm yourself!

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