Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look What I Found

I'm a mom.  With that comes boogers.  It's the truth.  The ugly, snotty truth.

Boogers are a normal part of a cold ridden day in my home.  In the last seven years I have said things such as:

"Whoa, that's super green, like neon green!"
"Did you just put a booger on me?"
"Is that a booger on the window?"
"Please don't lick that, get a tissue!"
"Do not wipe snot on my pillow!"
"Please keep your boogers to yourself."
"Next time I see your finger even in the VICINITY of your nose, I will chop it off!"

It's the ugly truth of mom-ing.  There is all the wonderful stuff we talk about like hugs, kisses, unicorns and rainbows, but beneath all that beauty is the real... the real life of kids, colds, and their boogers.

As a mom I have not only talked about snot but I have wiped, washed, and held the Kleenex to catch snot more times than I can count... but friends.. I have NEVER sucked snot and I'm not sure I ever could.  

Both kids have had some pretty nasty colds.  Colds that got them stuffy, unable to breathe well, and have kept them and I up for most the night.  I have used many different remedies to help them through it.  I have Baby Vicks, Breathe Right stips, cold medicine, aloe tissue, the green snot bulb, propping pillows, humidifiers, and more.

But the one thing I haven't employed is the NoseFrida.  Not sure I ever could. I saw this and thought I was watching a SNL skit.  But it's not a joke.  It's real.  Really.  Real.  

Would you consider this to be part of the Mom's arsenal of cold remedy tools?

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