Thursday, January 3, 2013


Remember awhile back, like LAST YEAR when we posted a video on the many different ways one could wear scarves? You know, this post.

Well guess what. We have another video for you that is super cool. "Boop"

I know as a mom that sometimes we don't always have time, money, energy to do a lot of shopping for ourselves, but when we do, isn't it the best when you find an article of clothing that can be multi-purposed?

I mean, if I can make 3-4 outfits out of one primary piece of clothing that is NOT yoga pants, then it's a good day and a great purchase!  "Boop"

That "Boop" stuff will make more sense once you watch the video. "Boop"

But listen, no need to hear me rambling on if we have super cute Wendy in a video to tell us more -- oh, and remember, shop local at places such as Theadora, FINA, Remedy, and Zuesters in Lincoln Center or other great shops in Stockton's Weberstown Mall, Sherwood Mall or Stonecreek Village! They can help you find the perfect starter dress as mentioned below:



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Dear Gina said...

That was fun! I loved her 40 ways to wear a scarf too! Thanks!