Friday, January 11, 2013


On Thursday nights I spend the evening with a couple of besties at our weekly Stitch'n B!tch. It's a night of coffee, crafting, griping, supporting, laughing, laughing, and laughing.  We crank the music up high and check all maturity and proper-ness at the door - it's part of the agreement of being included in the Stitch'n B!tch club. Equally there is no judging, demeaning, or negativity toward one another.  It is a safe chaotic evening that rejuvenates my spirit.  It is a necessity in my life.

It's also an evening of sharing.  Sharing food, sadness, happiness, worries, jokes, frustrations, and music. 

Last night my bestie, Gina of Dear Gina Quilt Company, shared with us a great music video of an Alicia Keys song. 

Whether you like Alicia Keys and even if you don't -- if you are a woman I believe you will not only like this song, but you will love it.

We all listened and watched in silence while we played the video loud and big on her screen. This was pretty much the only time our mouths weren't yappin'.  We couldn't speak, we were being spoken to. Powerfully.

I admit a few times I got teary eyed not only because of how it spoke to me personally, but because I could see in my besties that it was speaking to them, too.  No matter our ages, no matter our life's past, no matter our present, this song is a song for all women.

Listen, tell me what you think.  Tell me if we aren't all ON FIRE!  I don't care if we are picking up toys, taking care of parents, making dinner, working in an office, or getting kids ready for school... WE ARE ON FIRE!

There is no mistake that a woman is strong, mighty, capable, a warrior if you will.  Everything we do we do with purpose and while from the outside it may seem as though we are just housewives, business women, mothers... etc... make no mistake we are FIRST women.  WOMEN!  AND WE ARE ON FIRE! 

I may not walk around dressed to the nines, I may not own the shape of the perfect model, I may not live the glamorous life... but the life I do live is lived with an incredible amount of passion, purpose, dedication, honesty and strength.  I AM ON FIRE!  So are you.

We all are! We are all doing our routines, making our livings, taking care of our business and the strength it takes to do these things is the strength of super heroes. 

I wish for each of you to truly take a dedicated three minutes and fifty three seconds and honor yourself.  Listen intently to the lyrics and watch this woman live her life.  It is you... honor you, honor your strength and your passion to do good in your day. Your every day. Cherish you and remember that you are precious and meaningful and you are a world changer with every step you take.  YOU ARE ON FIRE!

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Dear Gina said...

THIS Girl LOVES your fire!