Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

It's THAT time of year again when we have a holiday that encourages love, love, love. Sounds good to me! I like me some lovin'!

So here I go.  I'm gonna put some extra effort into lovin' up everyone.  The husband's gonna get some extra lovin', the kiddos will get double doses of momma love, the parents, grandparents, bestie, sandwich maker, and even the dry cleaner lady is gonna get some good ol' Valentines lovin'.

It's important you know.  

The love.

It's the glue that holds us all together, along with compassion, kindness, and... air.  Air is glue, we all need it.  Just like everything else. Why not have a holiday that rattles our cage a little more to take note of the importance of loving one another.  I'm ok with it.  I even like it, yo.

But while I am making dinner reservations for a romantic dinner with the hubby, baking cookies for the kids, writing love notes, smiling a little more on purpose and hugging people a little bit more tightly, I have this little nagging feeling. A nagging thought that has been poking and pestering me.

When I turn my attention from making 23 classroom favors to give the thought some attention it vanishes, poof, into mid-air. Quite annoying really.

But then last night, after the kids were in bed and I had the house to myself, I sat quietly with a cup of coffee and my book. While reading about a scary car chase that reached speeds over 100, the thought came back and sat awhile.  Soon I didn't know I no longer cared for what I was reading and instead this thought and I started to chat it up some. 

What if... what if in the midst of all this loving of the husband, the kids, the besties, the barista.... what if I loved myself?  What if? 

It's easy to love Mr. Mompean! Sure, his obsession with music, guitars, and football doesn't always have him seeing the crying, screaming, poopy kid standing before him, but he works hard, man, to keep our family ship afloat!

It's easy for me to love my kiddos, too! I can turn a cheek to the fighting, milk spilling, messiness they cause. They are my world!

And my besties? If I was a bisexual polygamist I would marry them! I love these women from head to toe and all the outsides and insides in-between.  They keep me sane when they aren't driving me nuts!

Hell, even inanimate objects rate higher than me.  I wouldn't bat an eye to writing a love not to my favorite shampoo, most comfortable bra, and all the Apple iProducts I own. Is that weird?  Don't answer.

But what about... me.

What if I allowed the same unconditional love and appreciation for myself? Is that too crazy?

What if?

I can love me.

WE can love US.

What if all us mama's quit with the excuses and buts that hinder us from taking time to love ourselves and instead we used the word AND.  We can love all these people (and things) AND we love ourselves.

What if on Valentines Day (or better yet, all of February, or all of the year, or all of forever) we love ourselves like we love our children and we forgive ourselves of our imperfections, our bitchiness, our yell-iness.

What if instead we loved one another and we appreciate ourselves. Give ourselves a rest from the never-ending mama-guilt that passengers with us everywhere we go, and opt to give ourselves a hug like we hug our kids? Is that weird?  Don't answer.

What if we said to ourselves "I love you to the moon and back" or "I love you more" or "I love you beyond measure".  We could compliment ourselves for all that we do well and for all the hard work we do to keep our family ship's afloat.

What if, mama's? What if?

Maybe, just maybe we would then be able to provide the best example to our own kids in both how to give love to others, how to receive love -- and most importantly, how to love ourselves.  

So whattya say? 

How about we carry on with the Valentine's with a renewed sense of love. It's a day to love EVERY one.  Including ourselves.  

In fact, maybe I will make ANOTHER reservation for a romantic dinner... but for one.  It's high time I give myself attention... Happy Valentines to me.  And how fun would it be if while I was sitting alone on my date with me and I looked across the restaurant and I saw one of you, sitting with yourself on the most perfect day with the most perfect person.  I would lift my glass to you and I would smile.

Whattaya say, yo? 

What if.

So here's the triple dog dare... will you take you on a date? Will you embrace you? Will you have a Happy Valentines Day? It is NOT just a couples day - it is a love day. What will you do to show yourself some love?  Tell me in the comments, I can't wait to be inspired!

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Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

. . . Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. this is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.
Hmm. that means I gotta love me before I can love anyone else - kinda like, as a parent, put the oxygen on YOU before you help your children - cause without that life support, how can you help?
I love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo