Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Library

As a Mom About the Town I think it is pretty darn important to write a blog post about a particular GOLD MINE that can be found locally, used for free, and enjoyed for a variety of reasons and is perfect for all ages... THE LIBRARY! Yes, the library.

As a kid the library was more than a building, it was my and my brother's babysitter. Especially during the summer months. We lived about 3 miles away from our local branch and as soon as we would get up (long after my mom went to work) we would eat our breakfast, throw on some mismatched clothes, dig our bikes out of the garage and pedal our butts to the Library to hang out for the day. Once there I would hang out in the children's section and read book after book and be in the front row for storytimes and puppet shows.

Every now and then my brother would come check on my (he was older and would head off to other sections of the library to find his favorite reads). But mostly I wandered the building alone and felt completely content and safe.  

I learned a lot at the library.  I learned to be a better reader, I learned to make friends, I learned how to pay off debt, and I learned that losing a book makes your mom mad. I also had FUN. The library provided me opportunity to let my imagination free to go all kinds of places, be different kinds of people, and explore the world in a way that my reality just wasn't able.

I don't know exactly how old I was, but at some point my trips to the library became less frequent. We moved farther away and I had met people in my neighborhood.  Listening to music, dancing, playing with makeup, and giggling at boys became more interesting I guess. The library was not so much a part of my life as a teen.

However, we had a fling, the library and I, when I headed off to college.

After I graduated, the library and I broke up again. 

Until I had children.

Now, I am back and in a very big way! I love the library! Not just the place, but the people!  The experts that work at a library are so much more than book check-er-outers and fine collectors. They live and breathe books, reading, and literacy, and are way more knowledgeable than Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

I go for storytime, summer reading programs, science wizard events, black light puppet shows, and more.  The kids are mesmerized. And they are learning.  And they are having fun.

While the kids enjoy it and I want to feed their love of reading for sure, I learned that I never should have left the place even as an adult - the library has all kinds of stuff for me, too.  It isn't just puppet shows and toddler storytimes! They have live music, cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, book clubs, knitting groups and more! SO MUCH MORE! They bring in authors, directors, producers, artists and snakes.  YES! Snakes! They have a reptile guy and wildlife team that bring in REAL.LIVE.ANIMALS! Animals that I can't even see at local zoos, but there they are - at the Library.

All of this for FREE!


Like, it costs nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. FREE!

Basically what I am saying is... DON'T FORGET THE LIBRARY! Really! You don't need kids, you don't need to be young, you just need some time... take the time, check out the library, you won't be sorry.

And on the days the library is closed.  No worries. Did you know you can check out Audiobooks and eBooks to download to most any phone, tablet or reading device? Yeup.  FREE.  From your home computer.  Easy peasy.  

The really is a gold mine.  Check out our local Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library locations, schedules and events by going to the website:

Photographs courtesy of Moomp Photography | Heather Mompean
Model is the daughter of a City of Stockton employee | Miss Maddie

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Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

AMEN! People come with questions about vintage leather garments, and I'm amazed how few even REMEMBER libraries.