Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Who knew I would get such a tickle from this, but I did!

Last night I picked up the kids from school and daycare after spending my day home sick in bed. I looked a little miserable and felt a lotta miserable and was in no mood to cook.  The husband and I agreed to eat out at a restaurant we noticed doesn't get toooo busy on weekday. My goals were simple:
1) feed everyone without accruing any dirty dishes
2) receive cup after cup of hot coffee

We got to the restaurant where there were only two other parties enjoying a hot meal.  Within ten minutes another 5 tables filled up -- right next to us.  Within 5 minutes of that my 2 year old lost his mind and went screaming crazy.  Loud, screaming, crazy.  I was mixed with concern for him and embarrassment for me. I know, I shouldn't be embarrassed, after all, he was acting two -- he was being NORMAL!

But there I was, feeling miserable, looking miserable, and my cute little two year old was acting miserable.  I got a little worked up.  Mr. Mom came to the rescue and whisked Elijah away to calm him down.  I ignored the 10 sets of eyes that stared in my direction.  I ignored them and I colored with my 7 year old daughter who calmly said "Elijah needs a little love."  I was thinking I could use a little love, too.

After about 5 minutes the boys returned.  Everyone stared as they walked back to our table to have a seat. Elijah was calm, Mr. Mom was smiling, and I took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly.It wasn't until then that I looked up and noticed a woman across the way dining with a friend.

This woman smiled and said "You're doing great!" and I tell you I just about crumpled into tears. I didn't feel great. I felt sick, tired, embarrassed, frazzled... but in that moment she made me feel ok. Her smile and her words put me at ease and the rest of my night out was just perfect. Loud, but perfect.

As I headed to pay the bill I asked the waitress for a pen and piece of paper. I wrote a note to the woman thanking her for her kindness.  I told her that her words made my evening enjoyable and that I appreciated her... and then I left $10 toward their bill.

When we were leaving Mr. Mom said "Are you doing secret squirrel work?" to which I replied, "Yes, I am."

I was nervous that he might be a little frustrated with me, after all, we really shouldn't have gone out to eat at all, and to pay for others on top of it was not a line item in our household budget.  But he wasn't mad.  He said, "I love that you did that, it was a very good thing to do." 

It was a very good thing to do.  It made my night.  And it made my morning.  I get a tickle every time I think about the possibility of making that woman smile.  

It seems to me like we should all do more of that - that kindness thing.  If someone does good by you, outwardly appreciate it.  Whether with a smile, a kind word, a gift... whatever it is you have to give... go ahead and give it.  And when you can... be the one to do good in the first place.  I tell you what.. it feels amazing.  :)  Kindness Rocks!

What was the last thing you did to outwardly appreciate someone? When was the last time someone was kind to you?

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Anonymous said...

First rule of Momhood, that most Moms ignore or forget. BE KIND to yourself. Give yourself a break. Always, give yourself a break.