Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Mom

Birthdays, in my humble opinion, are not supposed to be quiet and private. They are to be celebrated loud and proud and with a great amount of love and fanfare (my grandma once hired a marching band for my Grandpa's birthday). After all, we are all miracles walking about this earth and every day we are touching lives and making a difference in some way. Our family and friends love us and appreciate us. We are important pieces to this puzzle of life and we ought to celebrate the piece we bring to big picture. We ought to celebrate with a clear and loud voice, so I believe.

Today I celebrate Mr. Mom About The Town's birthday and I invite everyone to join on in.. and ya know what? I hope that you celebrate your family and friends out loud, too. And I hope you share them with me so that I might celebrate them with you! 

And now... my PUBLIC birthday letter to the man I love:

Dear Kim,
Three days ago I lost the $300 band check... and my DMV registration.  I tore the house up looking for them and all the while you calmly walked behind me helping in the search and tidying up the mess I was making. You didn't get mad at me or say anything mean. You sighed a lot, but that's to be expected. 
Two days ago I thew out 3lbs of hamburger because it didn't look fresh. You had just bought it. You ere dreaming of the taco meat we could make, the spaghetti we could eat... but there it was, in the trash. You didn't yell at me or say mean things. You sighed. Heavy. But that's about it. 
Yesterday you had a crappy day. A really crappy day. But you didn't bring it home to the family. You talked about it, but you remained cheerful with the kids, you praised them for doing good things, you smiled and winked at me, and you make the best of your family time even though you had every reason to be a grump. 
You are such an even, calm, reasonable man. You are kind. You are just. You are a gift. 
Today is your birthday and I'm having a hard time thinking of something wonderful I could say that compares to the wonderfulness you show me on a daily basis. I feel like the luckiest girl to be your wife and blessed to have children with you. Today marks the day the world became a better place by your birth. Today marks the day that my soul mate came to be. 
Happy Birthday, Babe.  I love you more than life and need you more than air.

P.S. I found the check, bought more hamburger, and am sending all kinds of goodness to you for a better workday.


Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mr. Mom. Watch out for Marching Bands - oooh - or Mariachi Bands? ;)

Kelly and Joan said...

We love you very much too!
Happy birthday all month. Kisses and hugs.

Whimsy said...

I L.O.V.E that picture of Kim, I giggle everytime I'm at the house and he puts his glasses up above his eyes to give me the "serious" talk. LOL

Happy, happiest birthdays my friend. You are priceless!