Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yogurt My Way and a Chance to Win Big!

Good Sunny Day Moms {and Dads}!

Who out there is loving this weather? Not too cold, not too hot, beautiful blossoms on the trees, sun is shining.. gorgeous! With days like this it makes working in an office extremely difficult! I think we should all go out for yogurt instead!

Which brings me to a Mom About the Town hot-spot... YOGURT MY WAY! This fantastic place is located at  1924 Pacific Avenue (The Miracle Mile) and is worth adding to your list of places to visit.

Visit frequently!

Like, daily.

I have been there on several occasions with my two kiddos and loved it just fine. But after meeting the owner, I love it even more! 

Lisa Whirlow is the owner of Yogurt My Way on the Miracle Mile.  She's a born and raised Stocktonian and a Stagg and Lincoln High girl.

Lisa opened Yogurt My Way because she thought it would be a fun business.  She thought it would be the kind of place that would be good for families and friends to hang out and be kid-like.

Kid-like it is! Bright colors, lots of candy, and comfortable seating for adults and the kiddos! Not only do they serve up some tasty yogurt in a variety of flavors, but they also have gifts, toys, jewelry, cards, and art that keep customers attention long after they have enjoyed their last spoonful of deliciousness.

Yogurt My Way has several entrances.  Parking in front with street side doors for passersby, a back entrance for the extra parking behind the store, and the side entrance from Whirlow's!

"It's nice to have people wonder back and forth between Whirlow's and Yogurt My Way," said Lisa. "People come in for lunch and dinner and then stay for dessert.  Sometimes they come in for an evening treat and wonder to the Whirlow's side to enjoy the live music entertainment we have nearly every night of the week!"

That's true! Both places are hopping ALL.THE.TIME! Not only do they have jam session and karaoke nights, but they also have great local entertainers that will mesmerize you with their level of skill and passion for music. 

"My husband is a musician, a phenomenal jazz (and other styles) keyboardist and plays with a group of UOP jazz artists/students every Friday night. It's fun to see so many people come in for the food and then stay for the arts!" Lisa said.

Another thing you will notice when you visit Yogury My Way (and Whirlow's) is the feeling of family. Not only does Lisa employ her actual family, but everyone that works there seems to have a bond that is more than just a working relationship. "We are family, all of us! Not only our employers, but our regulars! We are all connected and together we create a strong community of people that support one another." Lisa says with a smile on her face and in her voice.

Sheesh, talking about being supportive! Lisa not only works diligently to make her staff and customers happy, but also pours her heart and soul (and incredible promotions and marketing skills) into the greater good of the community by holding fundraisers.  Thousands of dollars have been raised for dozens of causes including Veteran Services, Animal Shelters, Art Awareness, and more.

After eating, playing, and getting to know the people at Yogurt My Way (and Whirlow's) first hand, I can't agree more with Lisa; it is definitely the place to hang out! 

But don't take my word for it, enter yourself in this amazing giveaway and win a free night out to try it out for yourself! Stop on by and enjoy a treat with the family, with a friend, or steal a quiet sweet moment to yourself! Support local business, support local PEOPLE!

As for the chance to win big - check it out on FACEBOOK!!

From me to you,
Mom About the Town!

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