Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping and Crepes

Bellissima means 'most beautiful' and Bellissima Boutique is exactly that! Bellissima is located at 2230 Pacific Avenue on Stockton's Miracle Mile and is the quintessential boutique. 

I happened upon the storefront a couple weekends ago when I took my daughter out for an impromptu photo session, I do that when I get a little stressed.  One minute I was working away on editing client pictures and the next minute Sarah was tip-toeing by me in dress to go play at the neighbors house.

"Whoa there, Boo, you can't go playing in those clothes, go get some shorts on, please," said me.
"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Moooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooommm!" said she.

That was no exaggeration.  She turned mom into a two syllable word. Not lying.

And then I looked at her again... and I saw it! I saw street shopping and purse swinging and hair flying and I begged her to let me run her downtown just for a few minutes.

It was longer than a few minutes. A lot longer.

But it was fun! When we got downtown there were a few store fronts open but the one that caught my eye had a clothes rack out on the sidewalk. A clothes rack full of gorgeous clothing in bright yellows, blues, reds, and purples.  

We took a few pictures in front of the clothes rack/photo prop and then a few more along the sidewalk. Eventually I couldn't stand being on the outside of the store. I had watched about 8 people go peruse the store and some left with bags of goodies.  I wanted had to see what was inside.


The store, and everything in it, is gorgeous! The decor is perfect! The clothes are spectacular! Everything was light, airy, sparkly, gold, and silky. I wanted to touch everything! I wanted to buy everything. And then I wanted to photograph everything.

I didn't get a chance to really meet the girls that were working that day (owners?) although I wish I had. They were both very kind. I asked permission to photograph and they allowed it with a smile and then off they were to become personal assistants to the customers. They were very personable and fun!

The easy part was shopping, the hard part was getting Sarah to stay still enough to photograph! She was flitting her way through like a beautiful butterfly looking at the curio of goodies, the jewelry, and the clothes. She wanted purses, shoes, and bracelets -- she, like me, wanted everything!

Eventually we moved on to another great Miracle Mile place, Midtown Creperie, but I can tell you there was definitely a love connection with Bellissima Boutique. I reminisced about everything I saw in there as I ate my chocolate and strawberry crepe (yum) (oh, that's why I'm not thin).

If you are out and about in Stockton, head over and see the treasures that are there, say hello to the gals, and fall in love with EVERYTHING. You won't be able to stop yourself. Then head to a Miracle Mile restaurant for a sweet, warm crepe fresh, green salad.

Oh, and Bellissima Boutique is also on Facebook! Check them out and see regular posts about their new arrivals and clearance sales! Like their page, and tell them Mom About The Town sent you. 

Now.... where should my next impromptu photo session be? Any ideas? Share them here or on Facebook!



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