Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello There Mile Wine Company!

I am thrilled to be sharing out the goodness that can be found at the recently opened Mile Wine Company located on the popular Miracle Mile in Stockton! They opened their doors to the public for the first time last Friday, October 27th and in a short span of 5 hours more than 200 people eagerly welcomed the new establishment and their gracious and knowledgeable owners, Paul and Cynthia Marsh.

I was one of the 200 and I had an absolute blast!

The brightly colored, uniquely decorated, jazz music inspired wine bar and cafe is the ideal place to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, and indulge in an exceptionally tasty el cubano panini. Yum! They had me at pork... well... and the gruyere (and ham, Dijon aioli, pickles -- all on fresh, authentic Cuban bread).

I can see already this will be a place I'll enjoy for leisurely lunches with my family and friends. And when I am able to afford sitters and wrestle up the energy, I am sure to also be at Mile Wine Company for a romantic date night with the hubby. It will be one of the perfect places to stop before heading out to a great event at the Bob Hope Theatre! Or maybe just a place to get a little break from screaming, fighting kids.

No matter what gets you to 2113 Pacific Avenue, once you are seated inside or on the patio, you will instantly feel at home. There is a warm, friendly, comfortable, vibe that just hugs you up and welcomes you in. I'm telling you, the place will hook you, I am sure of it!

So will the owners!

If When you visit, don't be shy, ask to speak to Paul and Cynthia Marsh, get to know them. They are amazing people and soon you will find yourself stopping by to visit with them just as much as you will be visiting the wine! 

But enough yappin'... let me SHOW you the place: 

The custom paintings on the wall were completed by local artist Jacqueline Faylor

Learn more about Paul Marsh in an excellent article about the Mile Wine Company
can be found in the Sacramento Bee!

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