Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We All Need Some Home Thyme

I am so thrilled to have been invited to another amazing grand opening party on the Miracle Mile! First it was the Mile Wine Company in September, and then in October I was lucky to join so many others in welcoming the gourmet kitchen store, Home Thyme.

But truthfully, as lovely as the store is (and it is!) the owner was even lovelier! I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the person behind the pretty shelves (and they are pretty!) and Lynn Fochs, owner of Home Thyme, was no exception!

She was super busy greeting tons of people on her grand opening day, but I was lucky to talk with her a little before and again after the big event.

First off I learned that Lynn, now a business owner and goal achiever, is also a mother. She has two beautiful daughters and a sweet granddaughter. She spent many years making sure that her kiddos were growing up strong and true to themselves and now Lynn is working to achieve her own dreams of owning a business that showcases her passion for cooking!

"I worked part time in a kitchen store while I went to college the last 4 years and I just fell in love with it!" said Lynn. "I like to cook for people and inspire people to try new cooking gadgets, recipes and the like!" she continued.

For those reasons Lynn wanted to take a kitchen store to the next level by adding the extra bonus of holding cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, and more. I can see how this unique gourmet kitchen store can easily become the go to place for many local foodies and their friends.

Not only can you browse the wide assortment of recipe books, stemware, cooking gadgets, wall art, linen and the like, but you can also visit Home Thyme for a unique morning out with your children! Or, send dad and daughter on a "date" for a wonderful morning of cookie making! 


On December 7th at 10am Home Thyme will offer a Kids Christmas Cookie Making class! How fun is that! A perfect way to instill a love for cooking in the minds of kids and what a memory that would be for a one-on-one date with a daughter or son!

But wait! There's more! Learn to cook Italian Soup, Bake a Fresh Pumpkin Pie with Real Pumpkin, or set your sights on future date nights in which you can make a pizza with someone special while sipping some incredible wines from Mile Wine Company! For details of what classes are currently scheduled check out Home Thyme's website!

Lynn said her mission is to help her customers enjoy their time at home, to enjoy cooking, and to make their life at home fun -- thus the store name "Home Thyme".  I think she is on track to do just that! And she's not doing it alone. Lynn was quick to share that her family has been extremely supportive and very proud of her for turning her dream into a reality. Her daughters are involved in her business adventure and have been a huge help, something that Lynn appreciates greatly.

So, next time you are cruising down the Miracle Mile, take a moment, park the car, and enjoy a visit inside Home Thyme. I warn you, it will be nearly impossible to walk out empty handed! But enough of my words, check out these pictures from the Grand Opening of Home Thyme!

 I want that turkey, but I need a bigger house to put him in. Please, someone with a
big house, buy that turkey!! He is gonna ROCK someone's Thanksgiving table!
 This tea set was the FIRST thing that caught my eye when I went in the store. I  had
one just like this when I was little and I LOVED it! My daughter got a similar set
from her Grandma when she was four - I think we had tea parties EVERY SINGLE
WEEKEND for 2 years. If you have a 4 year old daughter or granddaughter,
THIS is the gift for Christmas... Trust me.
 The last three years I brined a fresh turkey in my own blend of spices ONLY because
I could not find a local store that sold a good brining kit. I GASPED when I saw
this and all the great Thanksgiving cooking tools around it. GASPED. REALLY.
 If you checked out the book from the Library and are ready to commit to a
purchase - Home Thyme can help you out! Please note, there is an entire cookbook
dedicated to Mac'N'Cheese!! Whoa.

 QUIZ: What song do you think came first, Frosty The Snowman or Rudolph The Red
Nosed Reindeer? Leave your answer on Facebook and make everyone curious what
the comment means: Mom About The Town
 There is a stove, oven, and cooking counter to the left in this image, that is where
they hold cooking demonstrations.

I will quack like a duck if you can't find SOMETHING you want to
buy off of this wall. I have my eye on the pastry crimper.. and then some.

If you like what you see, stop by in person and see EVEN MORE! Come on down and knock of some amazing gift giving for the Foodie in your life! Give Home Thyme a "like" on Facebook, tell them MOM sent you, and get informed about a variety of recipes, sales, cooking demos, and more!

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