Saturday, March 29, 2014

Micheal's He{art} Piece

Last night the family and I opted to eat out instead of staying in for dinner. WHERE we would eat was a mystery, but we piled in the car anyway and thought we could quickly figure the place out as we drove along.  WRONG!

Three people tossed out what would eventually be EVERY SINGLE EATING JOINT in Stockton, but we couldn't agree on one place. The more we talked, the hungrier we got, the grumpier we became and the next thing we know we were on Pershing. 

Fine. Outback. We will eat at Outback! DONE! It has been YEARS since we have been there and steak sounded good. So out of the car and into the restaurant we went. I was hungry enough that I debated eating the hostesses podium. Thankfully, I made it to our table and the side salad.

We sat quiet at first, all of us a little traumatized by the nearly HOUR LONG meandering through town on the quest for our dining locale. Eventually we came back to life as the calories we consumed started taking affect and dinner out turned into a fun time. I colored, Elijah danced, Sarah discussed, Kim observed and we ALL talked.

We talked until Elijah showed signs of tired, then we packed up all the yumminess we couldn't finish, paid, and headed out the door.

That's when I saw a man siting on the bench outside. He startled me.

It was late, he was alone, and I didn't expect to see him there. 

As I walked near I saw he had items laid out on the bench next to him and earphones on his ears. His head was down and he let us be. 

The thing is, we couldn't let him be.

I slowed my walk so I could look at the papers near him. They were brightly colored artwork of flowers, cherries, lions... and more. They were bold, strong, colorful, and eye catching.

At that point the man looked up and in a quietly strong voice said, "These are my art pieces and I am selling the smaller ones (8x10) for $5 and the larger (12x18) for $10. Tonight I could sell the smaller ones for $4."

I wanted one.

Can't tell you why, I just wanted one of his pieces of art. I wanted one, NOW! I asked Sarah which art piece she liked and she picked the same yellow lotus flower I was drawn to.


I reached in my wallet, gave the man a $20 as Sarah picked up the piece. Before the man could reach for change (not so sure he had any?) we thanked him and I put my wallet away. 

He was GRATEFUL! I could see it in his eyes, I felt it in his handshake, I heard it in his voice. 

My husband shook the man's hand, too, and as he did, Mr. Mom About The Town said, "God Bless."

The man said, "HE HAS and he DOES!!! Thank you!!!"

THERE ARE NO WORDS TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I KNEW I HAD JUST BEEN BLESSED! I knew it. I knew it from head to toe that this was the right thing to do. 

Sure, it was good for that man, that artist. AND. It was good for me and my family, too.

On the way to our car Sarah talked about loving the painting, but loved more helping that man. I quietly agreed.

All the way home  I kept thinking how impressed I was with the man. He wasn't begging, he was selling his artwork. He wasn't obtrusive. Only if we stopped and engaged him did he engage with us. Excellent salesman! I have encountered some salespeople that could afford a few lessons from this man! 

A part of me wanted to go back with two cups of coffee to go talk to the man. I was that drawn to him.

So, let me share with my fellow Stocktonians... if you are headed out to eat... and if Outback is where you choose to go... maybe you can watch for him. If he is there, I urge you to take a look at his art... I urge you to take a look at his HE{ART} and maybe you will see something that I saw and maybe you would be willing to buy a signed piece of his work.  

My husband has ALWAYS said, when something is right and true it will ring in you like a bell. This man... he set off all my RIGHT and TRUE bells. I hope I get to see him again. If I do, I will tell him that I still enjoy his art in my home and that it makes me smile. That he makes me smile.

His name is Michael. 

P.S. If you find him, if you end up with one of his he{art} pieces, will you share it here or on Facebook? TAG ME! I want to see :)

P.S.S. Wouldn't it be cool if we asked for more of his he{art} and had it put on display at Mile Wine Company or someplace locally? How cool would that be? I can't stop thinking about all the right things we could all do. :) :)

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