Thursday, May 8, 2014

Macaronage Macarons = LOVE

7610 Pacific Avenue
Suite B6

This is a very important address because what is housed here is quite possibly the sweetest dessert and also the sweetest owners one may ever have the pleasure of meeting. No joke.

The marquee outside reads Macaronage Macarons and I suggest that you check the clock, check their hours, and if they are open, jump into the car. Really, JUMP! HURRY! RUN! and enjoy the most delicate, dainty, sweet, and scrumptious taste of heaven that exists in a macaron.

When I heard of this place it was the "cookie" that enticed me for a visit. However, I later had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Grace, and talking with her has turned me from a visitor to a full-fledged Macaronage Macaron groupie.

Of course a superior product/service is a key element to a businesses success, but it is not the only key. When a product/service is sold by an owner that is honest, determined, ethical, and kind -- that is what will always bring me back time and time again. I am a people person. I want to buy from people I trust and like.

I can tell you that from just the few times I have talked with Grace and her husband, the owners of Macaronage Macarons, I can't help but smile and be inspired. They are GOOD people. They are a young, local, married couple that have worked hard, dreamed, studied, planned, and are succeeding at making their dreams become their reality. Love that. They have faith. SURE they get nervous when they take risks, but they don't let fear stop them. They JUST.KEEP.WALKING... and that determination and faith is paying off.

The conversations I have had with both of them (and their staff) have been an absolute delight. I walk away with a fully inspired heart and a desire to evaluate what I can do in my life to achieve my own goals. I also walk away with a very satisfied sweet tooth. Bonus!

I encourage you to stop in and treat yourself not only to the deliciousness of a macaron, but also to the joy of meeting Grace, the owner. You will not be disappointed. Tell her Mom sent you :)

If you want to read more about Macaronage Macarons there are several places to look!!!

JoAnn Kirby wrote a great article in The Record!
They are featured on the Visit Stockton website!
Podcast Stockton talked about them in Episode 84!
Tiger Studios did an amazing video commercial of Macaronage Macarons!
Macaronage Macarons is all over social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

If you want to know how a three year old enjoys a macaron, keep scrolling.  And THEN check your clock and see if you can still make it to the shop to try a macaron TODAY! They are open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 7pm and on Sundays from 11am to 6pm.


More Examples of awesome local businesses with pretty spectacular owners:
  • Mile Wine Company (Cynthia and Paul are really, really cool, and smart, and good and smart and they work!)
  • Whirlow's Tossed and Grilled (Lisa and Mike are giving, fun, honest, upfront, and kind. Did I mention kind and giving?)
  • Home Thyme (Lynn is kind, determined, down to earth, and listens to her customers, and brings you what you want out of a kitchen (and so much more) store.
  • Theadora (Erica is passionate about what she does and she is uplifting; a real go-getter,, trend-setter!)
  • Bellissima Boutique (Mary, go talk to Mary! She is a huge supporter of other businesses and shopping local)
  • Unique Visions Dance Studio (Chelsea!! This girl, this woman, just WOW! She's making her and others dreams come true and she's a YES girl! Instead of saying no, she finds a way to say yes! LOVE THAT!
  • Combine Fitness (Lurysol CARES about your health. She walks the walk and invests in you! And she's a giver! This girl supports anything that brings goodness to our community!)

There are so many more... I'm gonna go meet them, and share them! And you should, too! Who is your favorite business owner 'round town?

If you walk into a business, don't be shy, ask if the owner is there, chat with them,
know who you are doing business with, be inspired by their stories!

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