Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Unique Visions Dance Co. = WOW!

702 Porter Avenue, Stockton
(209) 479-5384

Let me start by saying that the following RAVE about Unique Visions Dance Company by no means indicates that other dance studios aren't FANTASTIC also! It's just that I know THIS studio and there is no mistaken that I ADORE everything about UVDC and its beautiful Owner/Director, Chelsea Hill.


Three years ago I had the crazy idea to convince library staff to learn a choreographed routine -- and to perform said routine in the public; in a surprise fashion. I wanted to pull off a FLASH MOB DANCE for Stockton and there was no stopping me!

Actually, I could have easily been stopped had I not been able to find a local dance person to help me out. I desperately needed the right perfect person to dream up a routine, teach professional library staffers to perform it flawlessly, and to do all this for free.

I made about 3 calls to local dance companies and the first one to return my INSANE and RAMBLING voice-mail was Chelsea of UVDC. I pitched my idea to her and in less than 10 minutes she agreed. SHE AGREED!!! She agreed to make up a routine, film it so we could watch it (a gazillion times), she agreed to come to the Library to help us in person, and then she even offered up a few of her students to perform with us as planted guides in the mass of dancers... all of this for free -- at Chelsea's busy time in her dance life. She did this!

I fell in love.

I fell in love with her for all of this... and then I fell in love with her over and again because she KEEPS doing things like this for the community - over and over again.

I fell in love with her dancing, too. I mean... this WOMAN can DANCE! I am in awe of her movement her dedication to her love of expressing herself with every purposeful dip, twist, and twirl. I am in love.

Over the last couple years she has kept me in the loop of what she has going on and consistently invites me and my daughter to see dance recitals or be a part of special dance parties, etc.  I tried to go, but more often than not my calendar had conflicting commitments. Until this June.

This June Chelsea invited me to a "Whimsical Celebration" -- UVDC's yearly Dance Showcase! The date was Saturday, June 14th and my calendar was WIDE OPEN!

YES! I would be there. I would be there and I would bring my camera. I would bring my camera and take pictures of all the beautiful dancers. I would photograph the beautiful dancers and maybe video some of the routines. I would show the pictures of the dancers, the routines, the everything.. and it would be awesome!

I got to San Joaquin Delta College Atherton Theater and one of the first signs I saw hanging on the door was -- NO PHOTOGRAPHY. NO VIDEOING.


I was soooo disappointed! Taking picture is what I do!

I zipped up my camera bag, pulled up my big girl britches, and found a seat to watch the show.  To watch it; not take any pictures! This was going to be difficult. Hrrmmph.

Little did I know.

Within seconds of the first routine I was mesmerized! I leaned up in my seat and hunched over the empty seat in front of me, pulling myself closer to the beauty of the dance that was on stage.

What camera?

I was enthralled! The dancers were so incredibly talented, so young, so skilled, so beautiful, so so so... amazing.

I cried.

I didn't know a single dancer on that stage yet I fell in love with them and I clapped for them, I smiled until my mouth hurt, and I cried tears of joy for their accomplishments.

Among all the numbers, one was a solo performance by Chelsea. She took my breath away.

THEY ALL TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! From the 3-year-olds to the gal going off to college next year - they were incredible.

I didn't miss taking pictures too much because my eyes and heart were taking everything in, and that was perfect. NO PHOTOGRAPHY. NO VIDEO meant that I was focused on soaking everything up as best I could IN THE MOMENT and I was grateful that I didn't distract myself with apertures and ISOs.

When the show was over I walked alongside happy Moms, proud Daddies, and supportive Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins and Friends. I felt like I was part of a huge family and I wanted to be right there in the mix of things celebrating these little dancers that filled my soul with joy.

Then I thought, WAIT, this is weird, I don't know anyone! So instead I hung back and I took a few pictures of the happy and proud that was circling around me! It was INCREDIBLE!

UVDC is incredible.

Chelsea is incredible.

If you are thinking of getting your little girl or boy or big girl or boy into dance, I strongly encourage you to check out Unique Visions Dance Company! They are FIVE STARS plus a bonus STAR for sure! This is NOT to say that there aren't other five star studios out there...but this is one that I personally know and vouch for emphatically!

Thank you, Chelsea for the invite! I can't wait to see next year's Showcase and celebrate the new and continuing talent that you are developing at UVDC!


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Roque A Reyes said...

I was one of the proud fathers. UVDC is awesome and thank you for enjoying the show and the nice write up#