Thursday, September 18, 2014



We took the kiddos to the circus in Sacramento and WHAT A NIGHT! With a 3 year old (days away from 4) and a 9 year old, the circus was a COMPLETE HIT! Every part was entertaining to someone, if not everyone, including the over 40-year-old Dad! 

We had seats about the middle way up and could see everything perfectly! The music, LIVE MUSIC, could be heard beautifully and the colors, costumes, and lighting made all our faces full of smiles.

The show kicked off with the spectacular China National Acrobatic Troupe Unicycle performance and I was amazed. I don't know what impressed me most, that they could pile so many people onto one bike or that they all stayed happy and smiling while doing so. I would surely have looked all kinds of worried, if not downright fearful, if I were any one of those bike-ro-bats ( I just made that word up on the spot).

Then came the CAGE OF WHEEELS as I like to call it, or the CAGE OF INSANITY! Seven professionally skilled motorcyclist thought it would be entertaining to all ride up and in to a metal cage ball to ride in circles, defying gravity, and missing each other by mere inches.  My son, the one that LOVES all things motorcycle, was in pure delight... for awhile. Then he cried a little. I think he could tell that there was an element of risk and danger... but really... isn't that what makes it so great! THEY ESCAPE DANGER EVERY SINGLE TIME because they are professionals. 

I could go on and on about every act because each one was fantastic, but really the best way to experience everything I am talking about is to GO TO THE SHOW! GO!! Go grab some tickets (affordable and fun) to the show and see the Greatest Show on Earth in person! I really don't think you will be disappointed!

Opening night for Stockton is Friday, September 19th at 7pm! I will be going AGAIN! The kids persuaded me, or maybe I persuaded them, I forget. Doesn't matter. Bottom line is, I need my fix for acrobats and clowns! OH... and the MEN ON HORSES... don't get me started ::sigh::


Here's a few of my pictures from the Sacramento show.
Hope to see you at the Stockton show this weekend!

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