Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrate Life in Color

On Easter Sunday many people will be praising and celebrating, some with the tradition of a church service and worship, some with Easter egg hunts and baskets of candies, and still others with a blend of both and then some. Easter Sunday is a day of new, of rejoice, of appreciation and of celebrating LIFE.

For me and my family, we will be celebrating life with a little extra color. Color all over us. Color powder to be tossed at us to be more exact. We will be participating in the Color Run Fest being held in Stockton on Sunday, April 5th. The day will be crazy and it most certainly will be nontraditional, but it will also have us movin’ and groovin’ and appreciating our ability to be active in this LIFE that we should not take for granted.

Dad About The Town and the Kids About The Town will be joining me for the festivities. Will you be out there, too? Just know in advance, if you happen to be joining us in this festive 5K Run you better be prepared for a whole lot of walking!
5K. Sounds big. Some people I know do 5K’s every morning before 7am! For me, I do a 5K at least once a month, and I don’t win any timed medals. What I do win is knowing that I am moving my body, breathing in fresh air, being motivated by others, and, just maybe, inspiring a few people, too.

Come on out, be nontraditional, celebrate life by living and moving in it! 

Color Fun Fest
Sunday, April 5th
Run starts at 5:00pm
50% Discount Code: ColorMarchMad good until 3/29
Easter Egg Hunt Prior to Race
Non-Profit Supported by This Event: Just Care More